The Chamber Opera Sextuor by Georges Aperghis tells the story of evolution. Using texts from both Darwin and Gould, Regnault and Aperghis add further narrative and protean nonsense syllables to create the piece. Each performer represents a symbolic link to the story of evolution (“Death” by the contralto, “Birth” by Soprano I, “Cinderella” or natural selection by the mezzo-soprano, “Delivery” by Soprano II, “Love” by Soprano III, and “The Theorist” by the cellist.)

The Walcott Sextet includes: Stephanie Aston – mezzo; Mayra Leticia Gallo – soprano III; April Guthrie – cello; Leslie Ann Leytham (former member, on recording) – contralto; Marja Liisa Kay – soprano II; Kris Wildman – soprano I

Stephanie Aston, a member of the sextet, is a recent recipient of a recording graduate student award from the Warren Music Center Studios at UCSD. With this award the sextet will be recorded Sextuor in June 2010.