FSTOPclAG1214-16Eric KM Clark – violin :: Jose Gurria – drums :: Dimitris Mahlis – oud :: April Guthrie – cello, voice

Jackass Flats is modular ensemble that performs the compositions of April Guthrie.  It is named after a particular section of flat highway near Kansas City where a donkey was usually tied to a tree.  Guthrie’s compositions exhibit her ties to the importance of family as well as her reflections on social justice.

Members have included Eric KM Clark, violin; Jose Gurria, drums; Dimitris Mahlis, oud; and April Guthrie, cello and voice.

3 Stamps  by April Guthrie- audio coming soon

Wagon Burning Savage – Movement 1 – 11.4.11 by April Guthrie at Curve Line Space

Jackass Flats Poster